Brom Club Newsletter Feb 2013
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  About Fernhaven Nursery & Fish Farm  
Fernhaven Nursery opened to the public in 1993. They are also a wholesale nursery supplying extensively to nurseries and landscapers.
The owner, Dr Chris Myburg, is a radiologist with a keen interest in ferns. He has been propagating and collecting ferns for 20 Years.
Epiphytic ferns have become a special interest specifically the Platycerium group, also called "Staghorn" Ferns.
An indoor Garden of approximately 400 square metres at the nursery displays the plants in as natural an environment as possible.
Koi fish also adorn the garden, as well as imported Bromeliads which have become a passion.
Many indigenous and non-indigenous fern species are for sale
Come and have a look!

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