Wholesale and Retail Nursery

Fernhaven Nursery is a Wholesale and Retail nursery
supplying to Nurseries, Landscapers, 
private individuals and plant collectors.

The nursery specialises in Ferns, both indigenous and
non-indigenous, and Bromeliads.

As part of our ecological system we farm with bees
and compost worms, and pure raw honey and vermi-compost
are for sale. 

Koi and gold fish are farmed on a small scale.

Epiphytic ferns have become a special interest specifically the Platycerium group, also called "Staghorn" Ferns.

Ferns are very primitive plants dating back to the Carboniferous Age, and are found in almost every country in the world.  They never flower or produce fruit or seeds. Propagation takes place from dust-like spores on the back of their leaves.

Many indigenous and non-indigenous fern species are for sale.
An indoor Garden of approximately 400 square metres at the nursery displays the plants in as natural an environment as possible.

Koi fish also adorn the garden, as well as imported Bromeliads which have become a passion.
Most Bromeliads come from South and Central America.
Bromeliads grow either in the ground or on trees as epiphytes or air plants.
They have an ability to survive hardy conditions and offer an infinite variety of plant forms and colour combinations.
Come and have a look!!